Commendations for the Men who fought in the Naval Battle for Guadalcanal on November 13th, 1942.

Secretary of the Navy



United States Ship Atlanta

for service as set forth in the following


"For outstanding performance during action against enemy Japanese forces off Guadalcanal Island, November 12-13, 1942.Struck by one torpedo and no less than 49 shells, the Atlanta, after sinking one enemy destroyer and repeatedly hitting a cruiser which later went down,gallantly remained in battle under auxiliary power with one-third of her crew killed in battle or missing, her engine room flooded and her top sides a shambles. Eventually succumbing to her wounds after the enemy had fled in defeat, she left behind a heroic example of invincible fighting spirit."


For the President

Frank Knox

Secretary of the Navy



Dateline: November 17th, 1942





Dispatches sent to the 13 ships who participated in the early morning surface battle of Friday, November 13, 1942.


From General A. Vandergrift COMGEN 1st MARDIV

It is our belief that the enemy has suffered a crushing defeat. Our thanks for the sturdy efforts of Lee last nite and to Kincaid for his pounding of the Foe by our aircraft has been grand. We appreciate all these efforts but to Scott and Callaghan and their men who against seemingly hopeless odds with magnificent courage made success possible by driving back the first hostile attack goes our greatest homage. In deepest admiration the men of Gaudalcanal to them lift their battered helmets.


From Adm. Richmond K. Turner COMTASKFOR 67

In dissolving Task Force 67, I express the wish that the No. 67 be reserved for the groups of ships ready for as high a patriotic endeavor as you have been. Although well aware of the odds which might be against you. I felt that your chances of night attacks on November 12th was the time when fine ships and brave men should be called upon to their utmost. For your magnificent support of the project of reinforcing our brave troops on Guadalcanal and your eagerness to be the keen edge of the sword that is cutting the throat of the enemy. I thank you. In taking from the enemy a toll of strength far greater than that which you have expended you have more than justified my expectations. For our lost ships whose names will be enshrined in history in history and for long cherished comrades who will be with us no more I grieve with you. No medals however high can ever possibly give you the reward you deserve. With all my heart I say:" God Bless the courage of our men dead or alive of Task Force 67."


From Adm. William Halsey COMSOPACFOR

To the superb officers and men on land, on sea, in the air, and undersea who have performed such magnificent feats for our country in the past few days. you have written your names in golden letters on the pages of history and won the undying gratitude of your countrymen. My pride in you is beyond expression. No honor for you could be too great. Magnificently done. God bless each and everyone of you. To the Glorious dead hail heros rest with God.


From Adm. Risdale COMTASKGROUP 16.6

If words could add to the tribute paid by you by these men of Cactus my staff and I would join all Americans in saying this. We are proud to belong to the same service with you.

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