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This page is to honor those that served on the USS Atlanta and USS Juneau and all those that fought in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal on November 13th, 1942. Thank you all for expressing your gratitude and sharing your thoughts honoring these brave men.




Name: Howard R. Hester

Enjoyed visiting this site. I am a Plank Owner in the USS Spokane CLAA-120. sister ship to the second generation JUNEAU CL-119. I can appreciate the pride all crew members must have had in their respective ships. May they be remembered with honor forever.



Name: S. Ford

In this time of rememberance, our family would like to take a moment to pause and give thanks to all the men and women who fought and died in all the wars. There have been pretty good times since then. My generation has been blessed with a choice of whether to serve in the military or not. This could not have been, except for the courage and honor of those who have gone before us. My husband's grandfather died on the USS Juneau and we would like to take an opportunity to remember him and all of his shipmates. We never knew him, but he died an honorable death. Let us all be grateful and thank God for them all.

Name: John Paradise

Thank you so much for this site. My uncle was at the helm of the Atlanta on the night of the 13th. He lost his life during that "barroom brawl". I think of him often, and am glad to see this memorial to all the brave men willing to sacrifice so much for freedom. Again, my & my families deepest thanks.

Name: Mark Leiker

My father was a corpsman on the Atlanta when it was hit on November 13, 1942. He was not injured, but he was part of a group who were told to abandon ship, and so he spent the night in the water holding on to a life raft. He was picked up by Marines the next day and taken on to Guadalcanal, where he promptly came down with malaria. He went on to serve 20 years in the Navy, but the sinking of the Atlanta was certainly the most dramatic event he saw.Thank you for this site, which recognizes the sacrifices made by these men so that we may enjoy our freedom and our many blessings.

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