USS Atlanta/USS Juneau Pictorial



Note - many supplied by Preston Cook to whom I extend my many thanks! 


USS Atlanta - under construction at Federal Shipbuilding in Kearny N.J.


USS Atlanta - under construction, keel just laid and framing begun.


USS Atlanta - under construction, hull plating starting to take shape.


USS Atlanta - under construction at Federal Shipbuilding in Kearny N.J.



USS Atlanta - (Temporarly not available)portside view while on trials.


USS Atlanta - very clear port quarter view of Atlanta on trials.

USS Atlanta - under construction at Federal Shipbuilding in Kearny N.J.


USS Atlanta - on the ways, Federal Shipbuilding, Kearny N.J.


USS Atlanta - NY Navy Yard. We've had this picture in the family since the Atlanta was commissioned. It apparently was given to all "PLANK OWNERS", my father being one of them. Its in rough condition but I've never seen it published and doubt that many currently exsist.


USS Atlanta, on trials - overhead view


USS Atlanta - Areial photo of Atlanta executing a high speed 360 turn during trials.


USS Atlanta, On trials - in pre war light grey paint. (Note 4th 1.1 inch AA not fitted to stern and 8 20mm AA's not yet fitted)


USS Atlanta, October 25,1942 - as taken from the USS Tangier (AV-8)


USS Atlanta, during the Battle of Midway, June 6th - coming to offer asistance to the destroyer USS Phelps which ran short of fuel oil. The carrier in the background is the USS Hornet. The cruiser in the background is a New Orleans class heavy cruiser..


USS Atlanta September 1942 - after the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, as seen from the damaged carrier, USS Enterprise.


USS Atlanta - refueling at sea a few weeks before her loss.



USS Atlanta - The Juneau had a mottled camouflage pattern in the superstructure while the Hull was painted a disrupted pattern of White, Navy Blue and Ocean Grey. She received this pattern prior to leaving NY Harbor in June ans was wearing it when she was lost Nov 13th, 1942. The Atlanta had the same mottled pattern in her superstructure but her hull was solid navy blue when she was lost. Proir to this pattern the Atlanta had the pattern of the ship in this picture hence the confusion in identifying the ship . According to the Atlanta's ships log she could have been in Espiritu Santo on this day but it is incomplete as to exact dates. It is known that the San Juan was in Pearl Harbor at this time and i'm trying to ascertain the location of the San Diego. I will update this info after I finally determine the identity of the ship.... USS Atlanta - This and the following picture were taken from the web site "Naval Historical Center home page". The USS Laffey, after rescuing survivors from the carrier Wasp, is transferring men to the heavy cruiser USS Salt Lake City at Espiritu Santo. While the USS Juneau also participated in this battle and rescued survivors of the Wasp, close examination of this picture and the camouflage pattern suggests that it is not the Juneau as described in the photo but could be the Atlanta. The Juneau was also at Espiritu Santo on September 16th but was underway again the following morning. See the War Diary of the USS Juneau on this web site. .. USS Atlanta - Launch of the Atlanta with Margaret Mitchell Christening the ship.. USS Atlanta - USS Atlanta at dockside before commissioning in Karney NJ during fitout commissioning..
USS Atlanta just after completion on trials.. Seems to be in harbor, probably NYC. This photo is s built and before war modifications were made. Atlanta Class Cruiser - Personnel transfer between a destroyer and an Atlanta Class Cruiser in the Solomons.    






USS Juneau, Under construction - on the ways, Kearney, N.J.


USS Juneau - at launching, Kearney NJ, Federal Ship building


USS Juneau - post launch view - note the only the number 1,2,7 and 8 5"/38's mounts have been fitted. No AA armament, directors, torpedo tubes etc. have yet been fitted.


USS Juneau pre launch - stern view while the ship is still on the slips at Kearny NJ.


USS Juneau, Feb, 1942 - as completed with mottled camouflage on superstructure and hull.


USS Juneau - view aft from the bridge during a March refit at the NY Navy Yard.Notice USS Atlanta in the background


USS Juneau - Starbord Quarter view, Feb 1942, NY Harbor


USS Juneau - bow view during March refit at NY Navy Yard.USS Atlanta is in the background and a Diddo CLass cruiser is to the left.


USS Juneau - Close up of Port 5"/38 wing mount and aft 1.1 inch mount.


USS Juneau - starboard view aft from the bridge.


USS Juneau, NY Harbor June, 1942 - Notice new mottled camouflage on hull which differs from the Feburary photo's.


USS Juneau - NY Harbor June,1 1942


USS Juneau - NY Harbor, starbord view, June 2, 1942


USS Juneau, Battle of Santa Cruz - firing on enemy planes during the Battle of Santa Cruz


USS Juneau - Nov. 12th air battle as Japanese bombers attack transports off Guadalcanal, the day before her loss.  





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