George Arthur Willoughby S1C

USS Juneau

Submitted by his nephew Mike Stevens - Nov 2011


In 2009 and 2010, I visited your USS Atlanta site and have spent hours
wading through it, soaking in as much as I could.
My mother's brother S1C George Arthur Willoughby was part of the USS
Juneau crew lost in Nov 1942.

On Sept 2, 2010, (yes, a year ago) our family and his younger brother
William were able to have a full military honors ceremony at
Arlington National Cemetery for him in the memorial section.
It is partly due to your dedication to keeping the spirit of these two
ships and crews alive that helped us get the marker placed. It
brought 4 generations together 68 years later to memorialize my uncle
who most of us never met.

The military ceremony was breathtakingly precise, and moving beyond belief.

I wanted to say thanks for filling in some of the details. I have
included a few pictures that tell it all